There is no limit to a child's imagination and creativity.


Creativity is increasingly being touted as one of the top 21st century skills. This helps in our ability to think flexibly, be innovative and to apply concepts to different situations.


Hence, nurturing this creativity in your child is also nurturing them for their future! 


Motor skills

Fine motor skills involve the refined use of small muscle groups that can be found in the hands, fingers and thumb to perform precise movements.

With regular practice, it can improve overall dexterity, muscle strength and control over their movements.


Development of fine motor skills paves the way for a child to complete other important tasks such as grasping, writing, buttoning and zipping clothes.



Arts and crafts are a great way to allow children to express themselves. This allows for shyer children to bring out the inner thoughts, feelings and emotions.


It is a safe and positive environment for them to create something and feel a sense of achievement. 

Parents might get a better understanding and insight into their child's feelings and ideas. 

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