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Paper Pinwheel Craft
An easy pinwheel craft that is both fun to make, and a cute decoration for the home!
Finger Puppet
A quick and easy craft to create some cute animal finger puppets!
Plastic Bottle Flower Stamping
Make use of your recycled plastic bottles to create some beautiful flower art!
Button Art
Who knew that all the extra buttons lying around the house could make beautiful art?
Paper Plate Fans
An easy craft to make your own paper fan to keep cool during the hot days!
Easy Fish Origami
A super easy and fun origami craft that is great for beginners!
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30 Minute Crafts

Rainbow Leaf Print
Yes, you can even use a leaf to create some beautiful artworks!
DIY Wind Chime
Re-purpose your old keys by making this simple but fun windchime!
Rainbow Bubble Snake
An exciting craft that combines both art and bubbles!
Toy Car Painting
A fun art using toy cars to create some interesting and unique paintings!
Mini Lid Banjo
A cute craft to create your child's own mini musical instrument!
Toilet Paper Binoculars
A fun arts and craft to create a binoculars for the little adventurer inside every child!
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Crafts For The Family

DIY Homemade Clay Figurines
Create homemade clay with ingredients you can find in your own kitchen. Suitable for all ages!
Puppy Puppet Craft
A fun puppet craft to make with your child and engage in some storytelling and play.
Marble Run with Toilet Rolls
DIY your own marble run structure using toilet rolls and have fun playing with your child!
Fire Breathing Paper Dragon
Be a fire-breathing dragon for a day with this fun and easy craft that is great for the family!
Finger Printing Family Tree
A hands-on artwork for your child to learn more about your family tree and history.
Slime Drawings
A spin on your usual slime craft by adding your child's drawings on it for a little stretchy fun!
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Festive Crafts

Flower Wrapping and Gift Topper
Ever wonder how to spruce up a present? These easy flower toppers can add extra oomph to any gift!
Tulip Pop-up Card
A dynamic and lovely pop-up card to make to send to your Valentines!
Hanging Citrus for CNY
Easy paper origami craft that serves as a unique decoration for CNY!
CNY Drums
Add some CNY festive cheer with these whimsical CNY drums!
Fathers' Day Card
An easy to make, hand painted and heartfelt card to show our love for all our dads!
Heart Notebook
Create a lovely mini notebook to fill in some precious memories for our mommies!
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Rainbow Leaf Print

Yes, you can even use a leaf to create some beautiful artworks!

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